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It had been quite some time since the defeat of Phantom Ganon, let alone that of Ganon himself. The timelines have been set back into place, but not before Impa had gotten to meet many of the heroes she had read about. Unfortunately, although the war was both victorious and educational, it was not profitable. Damage done in all kinds of places left the kingdom on a very slow road to recovery, which would have been even slower had not Linkle intervened.

Pondering these things as she walked towards the fountain of the Great Fairy, she pondered further the fact that, in all of Hylian history, the Great Fairy's assistance had never been requested in peaceful times. Only in the most desperate of situations would this pattern be broken, but Zelda considered it enough such to send Impa to do so.

When Impa reached her destination, she slowly, quietly opened and shut the large metal door as she entered, and so her only light source was the blue light emanating from the water. Leaving her weapons at the door, she stepped onto the royal family insignia and played Zelda's Lullaby on her ocarina.

To Impa's relief, it worked: with a familiar laugh came a beautiful woman, nearly ten times Impa's height, with long pink hair, captivating blue eyes, and plants covering her from the breasts down to her shins, exposing her feet.

With so much to look at, Impa had made a point to retain eye contact as long as she was looking in her direction.
"Great Fairy." Impa got down on one knee, looking at the ground. "You have helped us many times in war and in strife, and for that, we are infinitely grateful. However, the Princess has concluded that we still need your help. We have had difficulty recovering from the damage done by Ganon's army. Homes and businesses alike have gone-"
She stopped talking when a finger covered her entire face, its nail covering her scalp.
"Sssssh." The Great Fairy gently pat Impa's head. "I know exactly what brings you here. I would be more than willing to help you..."
Impa looked up. "Oh! Thank you s-"
"But not for free," she continued. "I agreed, thousands of years ago, to bring blessings to Hyrule in fighting evil, which is not what you ask of me."
"I know, but-"
"Fret not. I said I would help you, and it's for a price I know you are willing to pay."
"Oh," Impa said. "What...what is it?"


As expected, Impa was speechless for a few seconds, not understanding the request, which is why the Great Fairy continued, as she stopped levitating and instead stood firmly on the floor before Impa, towering over her.

"There will be no blessings to Hyrule without sacrifice. Lay down where you stand."

Impa realized what she was going to do and shook with fear. Was this something to be crushed for? This was no murderous evil being combated here, simply economic trouble. Yet...if nothing was done, would the people of Hyrule remain loyal? What would Zelda think of someone who would not die for her nation? The Great Fairy gave her plenty of time to ponder this, until finally, with a "Yes, Great Fairy," she laid herself down on the cold floor, arms spread but legs together.

The two soft, massive feet of the Great Fairy casually walked to the little one, stopping on top of Impa's arms, pinning them to the ground. There was no going back now. Hands on her hips, the giggling fairy raised her right foot up to her thigh, keeping her sole facing Impa, before having it slowly, slowly descend on her. She was so gleeful about it that it was as if she was not about to take someone's life.

The sole of the Great Fairy's foot finally landed on Impa's body, still held back a little. Impa's free hand instinctively pushed against it, knowing it would not help. As the Great Fairy finally pushed the sole down onto Impa's body, the hand stopped bothering to push as Impa accepted her fate. Eyes closed and wet, Impa waited for the immense, inevitable crushing pain that would be followed by the release of death, hoping that the Great Fairy's blessing will be enough that Zelda will not have wasted her caretaker...

...she soon opened her eyes, even though she could still see nothing. There was pain, but it was not nearly as terrible as she was expecting. She could barely move, but still felt something soft pressing hard against her, the same hard floor against her back. Whatever death is like, this wasn't it.

Slowly, the pressure lessened, starting with that on her feet going up, until finally she could see again, the only part of her still underfoot being her arm.

"Surprised?" asked the Great Fairy. "You know, I once used this same magic on the Hero of Time, though not for this purpose. You're now much more durable than you were before...such that I can step on you all that I want."
"...Thank you," Impa said, still shaking, "but how will this help?"
"It will give you the means to carry out the rest of the payment. After that, consider it a bonus, or a reward for your willingness to die for me, even if you were never in danger."
"You mean...?"
"You're not done." She placed her foot back on Impa's body, caressing her with it. "In fact, you will have to come back here every week until you no longer need me. Do you understand?"
So caught up in what was happening to her at that moment, she almost didn't. "Y-yes, I understand."

"Good." She stopped moving her foot and held the ball of it not even inches from Impa's face. " what you do with Zelda. You two have a strange relationship."

Impa, her face bright red, obeyed, kissing every inch she could reach.
My first writing of this kind here. Will it be my last? We'll see. Might've focused too much on the less important stuff.

Yeesh. Giantess foot fetish stuff. Nasty, at least according to most people.

Lots of F's in that title. Female/female, foot fetish, is there a more eloquent way to do it?

All characters in this story do, of course, belong to Nintendo.
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