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"I've found you!"

Cia turned in a panic to the source of this voice. It was nothing like Lana's, and she was the only one with any reason to be there, taking a nap in the next room last Cia saw. As she saw who had said this, her heart skipped a beat as she saw the familiar colors of the person's outfit, but it was not long before she realized that she was looking at a woman, as if the voice didn't give it away.

"You must be Cia," declared Linkle, "the one threatening to destroy Hyrule!"
"What? I mean, you're half right, used to be all right, but I'm not-" Cia realized there was a more important question to ask. "How did you GET here?!"
"With my magic compass!" Linkle showed it to her, as it briefly glowed. "It's always been my proof that I'm the hero of legend, and now it has taken me here!"
"...I hate to break it to you, but I've already been-"
"AND I know exactly what it is you want!" interrupted Linkle. "You have wanted to have the hero to yourself for thousands of years, which has driven you insane...but I can fix this problem without killing anyone! I'm the hero of legend...I can give you what you want!"
Cia's eyes widened. "Are...are you saying what I think you're saying?"
"And..." Linkle began to take off her boots, causing Cia's eyebrows to rise as all that remained on her feet were thin white stockings, "I've heard you really like to take the hero's boots."
"WHERE did you hear THAT?!"
"You use them for your 'badges,' I've heard...but I'm pretty sure there's another reason."

Cia, at this point, could easily figure out where Linkle was going with this. Her accusations were true, and Cia had fantasized about this scenario with Link many times. But...this wasn't Link. It wasn't even a man. Yet she knew, having seen Link's future, that this would be as close to the real thing as she would ever, ever get, unless someone who looks even more like Link, but wasn't, were to show up with this same intent...and that strikes one as unlikely. She took off her hat and her mask and placed them on the floor next to her, and then pulled up a chair from across the room with her magic, placing it near Linkle.

"Yes...thank you, Hero of Legend. Our attacks on Hyrule will cease immediately. You've done it. Please, have a seat."

Linkle, a little shaky, did as told, hands in her lap, toes barely reaching the ground. Her toes clenched for a moment in anticipation of what Cia was going to do. She took a deep breath, and prepared herself, as Cia floated to the chair and onto her knees before her.

"What is your name, Hero?"
"Ah...may I call you Link, for short?"
Linkle gulped and nodded her head.
"Good," said Cia. "Now..."

Cia gently grasped Linkle's ankles and pushed the soles of her stockinged feet over her eyes, heels as close to her mouth as possible, arches squishing her cheeks. She closed her eyes and nuzzled the soft things, giving them little pecks here and there all the while. As she did so, she gradually moved her hands further and further up Linkle's leg until she finally reached the end of her stocking at her calves and begun to gently pull them off.

She only broke contact with the feet for a moment in order to do so, revealing a pale pair of soft, cute, twitching bare feet, each nearly the size of Cia's head. Smaller than Link's, no doubt, but after thousands of years, a fine substitute.

Linkle bit her lip as Cia went back to kissing every inch of her now bare feet, both of them even letting out a moan or two. She gave every toe at least two kisses, then gave plenty of love to the tops of Linkle's feet as well.


Once every inch had been kissed, Cia went back down under Linkle's soles, laid down on her back, and pulled Linkle almost out of her chair such that she was nearly standing on her until Linkle centered herself again...which was no easy task, as Cia had begun to lick her soft soles, causing Linkle to giggle a little. She instinctively kicked Cia's face a few times at first, but knew she had no need to apologize for it, as Cia would still not stop.

Cia sat up, her legs under the chair, and pushed Linkle's left heel toward her, placing Linkle's toes in her mouth. She sucked each one individually before starting on those of the other foot, moaning all the while, and then got back to licking, between each toe and on every inch of the tops all the way to her shins.

Finally, Cia stopped, let go of Linkle's foot, and lay down, eyes closed, with a smile on her face. Both parties were drenched in all kinds of places, whether with drool, sweat, or other things. Linkle, too, had her head back, eyes closed, smiling.

"Th...thank you, Link."
"Always..." Linkle was almost as winded as her. "Always happy to was so much better than I expected. I could...I could do this forever...Hey, who's that?"

Cia, still laying on the ground, opened her eyes to see Lana looking down at her, both her arms and her expression cross.

"Uh...Lana, I can explain."
Yeesh, I've gone and made another one. These aren't even good, for Pete's sake. Well this one's not giantess but it's still super gross foot fetish stuff. Ware should write something normal. Like vore.

I don't get it, not even I usually have the patience to read these things. Why am I writing them? Sheesh. Skip to the paragraph that starts with "Linkle" if you don't care about how and why this is happening in-story.

All characters present belong to either Koei Tecmo or Nintendo, I dunno how this works.
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